For the employer

Are you looking for qualified employees: welders, fitters, construction workers? Submit a query and we will hire them for you.

For the employee

Are you looking for a job in a stable, experienced company, where you are going to receive qualifications and a decent wage? Leave your CV on our database.

Our company specializes in hiring qualified workers: welders, fitters and construction workers.

Our company employs the following persons:

  • TIG 141 welders group 1.1, 5, 6, 8, 10,
  • MAG 135, 136, 138 welders
  • SAW 121 welders,
  • MMA 111 welders,
  • electricians and electrical fitters
  • painters of industrial structures,
  • pipeline and steel structure fitters,
  • machine and industrial device fitters,
  • metal workers,
  • industrial insulation installers,
  • lift-truck operators,
  • industrial sprayers and painters,
  • digger operators,
  • steel fixers.

Our employees have high qualifications confirmed by several years of experience also gained at our company.

We also offer a modern solution for companies - personnel outsourcing. Comprehensive outsourcing of human resources is a good solution for your company. Undoubtedly, an advantage of this solution is taking over the burden of difficult and complicated payroll and human resources-related activities. In this way, you do not recruit or employ personnel that you need on a temporary basis, but you do have an influence on their selection. Our solutions provide to you great organizational freedom, financial benefits and allow you to save time.

We take care of employment contracts, accommodation, work clothes, but this is not a necessary condition. While performing work abroad, our groups of employees are often employed by the ordering companies under their own contracts.

We have gained appropriate qualifications for preliminary recruitment to delegate only well-tested employees in terms of their skills. On the customer's request, we are capable of providing any number of qualified workers with appropriate skills and certificates at a very short notice.

Our welders hold certificates from the following certification bodies: TÜV, UDT - CERT, PRS, DNV, GL, IS.

Fitters can use both technical and isometric drawings. Upon employment, all our employees are provided occupational health and safety training and have appropriate medical tests.

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+48 (24) 366-08-12

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